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DiVida lives within her means

Eats beans

Sleeps on the sofa

Homeschools her progeny

Stuffs cardboard in her shoes

Washes her underwear in the sink

Grows tomatoes and cucumbers on windowsills

Spends her pension on travel to and from alternative universes

The President interrupts her favorite TV show with talk:

We will invest in medical research.

We will invest in clean energy.

We will invest in job training.

We will invest in education.

The rich don’t need another tax cut–not if it means seniors can’t eat.

Sapphire mimics: million, billion, trillion—say it fast bet you choke on

your own spit

I only got two dollars in my wallet

I can’t afford the American dream

Pass the joint and put some ice in my Hennessy

from DiVidaFind more by Monica A. Hand at the library

Copyright © 2018 Monica A. Hand
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Monica A. Hand Poems

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