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DiVida dresses like a man

cotton slacks shirts with stripes

lavender ties popular in spring

hip chains for keys padded thigh seams

she stands in the women’s

line prefers the smell of a woman’s

almond shaped unwashed sex a woman’s

water; but today she gets ejected

for looking like a man; ejected

for absent-mindedly grabbing her crotch; ejected

for acting like a man

even when Sapphire hisses: She ain’t no man

she just likes to dress like man

they demand that DiVida leave

who screams: You can’t ask me to leave

cause I’m not feminine I won’t leave

if you please

I will use the ladies room please

this is my gender identification please

even if I look like a man

from DiVidaFind more by Monica A. Hand at the library

Copyright © 2018 Monica A. Hand
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Monica A. Hand Poems

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