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American Elegy

Less boy, more band,

more twang, less bling,

less hip-hop, on brand,

more opry, less bang,

less cornrows, more corn-

field, spiritual, less house,

more plantation, a shorn

image, more downhome,

more green, more blue

sky, more bluegrass,

less rhythm, less

blues, more church pew,

more cross, less hood,

more hood, more white

washed denim, less back-

lash, more goldenrod,

less ballad, more lyric,

less gold grills, less rap

sheet, more sheet music,

less trap beat, less trap

beat, more poplar,

less popular, a more authentic timbre,

more big game, more field

dressing, more lake,

more master—control.

from Fantasia for the Man in BlueFind more by Tommye Blount at the library

Copyright © 2020 Tommye Blount
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Four Way Books.

Published in Poems Tommye Blount

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