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when i was a girl

night told me to bite or burn

my ass was a cat call, my face a baby, my hips

a handle—my body’s object turned skin to ash

when i was a girl i was

a pearl gathering itself from dust

a wordsong waiting in a shell

how can i tell you that your eyes are commas

in my obituary where every cathedral is a stranger

that every time you argue my grammar

after tracing my breasts from moon into tit

or citing the manual of singulars and plurals

my spirit folds its syntax into a choke

dear silence

wingmuscle pulls down the air’s stars

opening each throat in the meadow

dear silence

windsong releases the throats of the dying

until each silence is a resting place for gods

dear silence

we burn too brightly for the boundaries of nouns

most days we’d give it all up to be a fire

from Poetry Northwest 12.1 Summer & Fall 2017More by JM Miller from the library

Copyright © JM Miller
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

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