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Tag: Oliver Baez Bendorf

Other Names

They call the mountain Carlos because

it is brown, although its purple slopes

at dusk suggest other names.

-Ray Gonzalez

Papi, grapefruit, anchor—every

week Carlos come with gifts

in his dirty white sedan.

He text from unknown

numbers. Some weeks tall

other weeks not. Carlos

bury mice in the woods

goes careful with their

brittle tails. Carlos dig

holes the size of his fist—

Daddy to the land also.

Brown mud, the rocks the river soften

and the river also. Rock

also. Boot crunch. River

of ice the bridge cross

and the bridge also.

Kind of togetherness

we make w/ desire

to lose our voice

to the river. Hum


to the edge where listening

is no longer possible—

go beyond it.

from Poetry Northwest 13.1 Summer & Fall 2018More by Oliver Baez Bendorf from the library

Copyright © Oliver Baez Bendorf
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

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