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Tag: Michelle Penaloza

I Read the Signs

the universe says

I should trust

the moon

and scatter some faith

among the stars


my mother says

always be prepared

for the proximity of failure


she carries disappointment

like a tiny box

doling out wisdom

like an infinite gift




the city will shut off

our water supply

a paper notice announces

from 11 pm to 7 am


while we sleep

some rerouting

will siphon something

to somewhere



when you sleep

and I can’t

I trace the lines of your face

with my eyes

wondering about the ways

you might one day

break my heart




we are a people built for disappointment

for tragedy and pain


these are not lofty declarations


the ocean can attack an island from all sides

the volcano can break the earth beneath you

every single rooftop can be safe to walk upon

if your whole world is buried in lahar

from Poetry Northwest 11.1 Summer & Fall 2016More by from the library

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