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Tag: Matthew Rohrer

Straight Out of a Book About the Revolution

When someone steps extremely gingerly

onto the subway there is a mystery

for our times, it is a little

pennant flown between the man and the state

and if he should exit at a very

bourgeoisie stop he slows us down

lanyard with an ID card

hanged from the end of it

shoes made in a Chinese prison

whose colors we are free to choose

there is something in a thin stream of air

on a day made huge with wind

tousling the half-red trees

in the park

that is straight out of a book

about the revolution

but most of it is a pressure

inversion that suddenly moves

all the air in the area

the spiritual element is

a pennant flown between the air

and the lips of the sleepers

and when a rat sidles up to you

on the platform

dressed immaculately his fur shining

there is something in his eyes

that will not let you read

your book which is all you wanted

from Poetry Northwest 06.1 Spring & Summer 2011More by Matthew Rohrer from the library

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