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Motives Around Human Vacancy

Boketto (Japanese, v.): gazing vacantly into the

distance (without thought or sense of self)

How windows dohow cows do

How a parachute blooms calm

slows motion

a house of cornerless sky

a round to rove in

How you wake in an unfamiliar bed

no idea where here is

Or how one wakes after another’s death

and for five seconds they’re not

This white spacethis difference

between snow and seeds

and the way they drift

Or steam and cold breath—

the simultaneous distinction and confusion

of temperature

Clarity translucing

the way a cloud covers

the sun causing the ocean

to put heavy clothes back on

How Nebraskans describe the air

just before a tornado:

green and shock still

mouthing cellar

mouthing chance

from Poetry Northwest 11.2 Winter & Spring 2017More by Leah Poole Osowski from the library

Copyright © Leah Poole Osowski
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

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