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How to Get Into a Poem

[A startling observation about the nature of human life]

or [A concrete description of trout]

[Backstory, alluding to an individuating experience]

or [Personal background, like “I have a weird relationship

to rural America”]

[Imagery only loosely related to backstory/background]



or [Tropical fruits if part of you is tropical]

[Some intellectual discourse on the word “part”]

or [Agonized associative thinking about the nature

of something politically urgent, like colorism]

[A return to the opening vignette so folks stay on track,

like “is it possible that a suburban mixed kid actually

has nothing at all to claim, not the trout, not the breadfruit”]

[A direction, e.g. “towards”]

or [A time e.g. “now” or “after”]

[A prepositional or noun phrase if grammatically necessary]

[A turn, which should also be startling, as in oh

this is what the poem is really about]

or [Imagery that achieves roughly this purpose, like that of

the properties of brackish water,

or the length and nature of brackish days]

from Poetry Northwest WEBMore by Kimberly Quiogue Andrews from the library

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