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Tag: Kary Wayson

This Before All the Laws

I feel what they mean about actual love—as a child

I did a lot of kneeling in the backseat.

I’d watch what we passed

or be passed

first and sometimes be scared

because one

was following.

Or maybe it’s more a marching band—

into the wind/ of an aisle/ to the bar/ on a south-bound/ Amtrack/ train—

all that neglect

in my oncoming childhood— maybe it went like

deep in the bends

of a country-dark road, you shift

the seat

of your stranded car—and

there—not ten feet from it—

a coyote comes

too close.

Look at him: He looks at me.

The whites of his eyes are equal teeth. That wing

of the bird he’s got in his mouth

half-eaten/ is still beating—

from Poetry Northwest 11.1 Summer & Fall 2016More by Kary Wayson from the library

Copyright © Kary Wayson
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

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