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Tag: Karen An-Hwei Lee

Say If Not A Moon

Gliding in circles, a moon slides in from the sea

and will exit again at high tide.

No larger than a fin, the moon scales our eucalyptus grove.

The moon sleeps in a house where shadows are no longer in love.

Moon on a woman’s hand    mirrors the carbon symmetries

of the charcoal she holds—sketching.

Night is the new moon    shorn for a letter

mailed overseas.I hear no farewell nor see nostalgia

in a lunar cloud.

The low tide where a moon circles

finned without gills

swallows a star whose own name nobody knows. Eye without an iris

observes a faded world    without judgment

waiting on God.

What I did not hear this evening or failed to see:

Not-a-moon humming

this pupil of light.

from Poetry Northwest 09.2 Winter & Spring 2015More by Karen An-Hwei Lee from the library

Copyright © Karen An-Hwei Lee
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

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