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Tag: Bob Hicok

One man band

In the dream I’m a man

who doesn’t remember dreams. A man

sitting quietly on a bench

not remembering dreams.

Pigeons ask my hands for bread

my hands don’t have but they might have

in the dreams I don’t recall. In the dream

of the poem that is the only dream

I recall, I feel the lake

formed when the river

cut off the oxbow after years

of abrading dirt to a shape that looks

from the sky like a jew’s harp

is a metaphor for wanting to be

a musical instrument. Specifically,

my elation is a clarinet, my dread

a tuba, I get the sense

there’s a band in me waiting

for someone to say, a one

and a two and a three, which is the lit fuse,

near as I can tell, of such a fine ruckus

that people get quiet and stare off

at their own little bit of nothing as if

it is everything.

from Poetry Northwest 05.1 Spring & Summer 2010More by Bob Hicok from the library

Copyright © Bob Hicok
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

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