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There is a Swell Now


There’s a swell.

Brim, drip straw see and sip.

Ring right of feather glade.

Grow low and left or now pre quell a mane.


So move somehow,

yes, yes now.

Little ridicule

like the ruler or the doer now.


Sediment tender.

Hide, assault. Not mind to sting.

What left and theft and ring and right

pelt tin thing.


Then tell drum drone

plus up dumb bell.

Thee well heist. Come on, come out

little bubble born to break


or in a bigger some

there: course for eight: two attached.

Come on, come over. So it wants,

so it should take.

from Moving DayFind more by Ish Klein at the library

Copyright © 2011 Ish Klein
Used with the permission of Canarium Books.

Published in Ish Klein Poems

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