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“There is a derelict intention in love,”

There is a derelict intention in love,

a chronic fabulation that never sits right.

One, two, or three might be the hour of regress.

Oh, there waits nothing like the distress

such plucked berries reprove;

they get under the skin, read Petrarch through Donne,

all dunable relations too much in hand.

Peter just has found a clever form. Might

his betrayal open sunsets to dawn,

spawn whatever conspiracy

two who have met on a bland

winter evening enflame? How artful

that appears, delinquent and delightful,

a thorough response to a lunacy.

from Disorientations: GroundlingsFind more by Jay Wright at the library

Copyright © 2013 Jay Wright
Used with the permission of Flood Editions.

Published in Jay Wright Poems

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