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The Earth is Rude, Silent, Incomprehensible

Now that we exist

on the other

side of desire,

when I tell you

I love you, I mean

we live

on a planet

that’s dying

& it’s no accident

that the calla lily

is both the symbolic

flower for weddings

& funerals. I told you

that loons

mated for life

& when one died

the other spent

her days calling

out to him across

the gray pond.

Once again,

you see,

I was wrong. Look,

I will be

honest with you:

when I promised

myself, I did so

knowing not even

the sun lasts forever.

Look! The future

is pressing itself

so closely

against us it has already

passed us by

& to die must make

the same sound

as the woman

I watched during

a rainstorm

thrashing a river

with a branch.

Could we make

time pass

a little more

slowly? I want

to watch

the fireflies spark

up the tallgrass

& the bullfrog,

that unrolls

its wide fat tongue

a thousand

frames per second,

thwap the fly

that flickers

before it

with its honey-thick spit.

from Broken SpectreFind more by Jacques J. Rancourt at the library

Copyright © 2021 Jacques J. Rancourt
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Jacques J. Rancourt Poems

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