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The Cat

  An old man is dressed in lingerie to amuse his cat. He says, You didn’t know your papa was a lady, did you, pussycat?

  Then being visited by another old man he says to the other old man, You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing lingerie.
  Not at all, says the other old man.
  Surely you must be curious, perhaps even a little disgusted at seeing an old man romping about in silk undies like a sex kitten.
  Well now that you mention it. . . .
  —Yes, let’s put everything on the table.
  In that case, why in hell are you wearing women’s underwear?
  To amuse my cat.
  To amuse your cat. Why didn’t you say so, that explains everything. For a moment I thought you had lost your mind. Incidentally where is your cat?
  I don’t have a cat. . . .

from The Rooster’s WifeFind it in the library

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Published in Poems Russell Edson

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