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“So I listened to a lot of the Mountain Goats”

So I listened to a lot of the Mountain Goats, so I still listen to “Rhapsody

in Blue,” so I had a poster of John Lennon. So I moved dorms because my

roommate loved to masturbate, so I loved to masturbate. So I didn’t recognize

it when he raped me. So I was raped. So I had a rape done to me. So I wrote

about blood and onion hearts and beautiful bruises. So he dumped me on


Once I tweeted ways a woman is a slut, once I listed how a woman did things

to herself. When I say once, I mean many times. I was a bad student and artless

with irony.

After ● but before now. What happens in a beginning. I was there but I don’t

remember. I was there but that’s not the woman I want. I’m a bad student. I

can’t show my work. I was there. I was there. I know her.

I stayed in Geneseo for another year. I moved away. I talked about ●. I talked

about him a lot.

Once I thought if I were to drown I would pull him down with me, but the only

hand in mine is mine.

from Hot with the Bad ThingsFind more by Lucia LoTempio at the library

Copyright © 2020 Lucia LoTempio
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Lucia LoTempio Poems

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