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Rajesh Goes to the Stud Club

after Qurbani (1980)

O, lonely heart

without love you will suffer

It’s a dark forest beneath

our open polyester shirts

In the meager air between us

chest hair weaves a bridge

O, may your heavy gold chains

hang low just for me

We’re two cocky

simple-celled organisms

Your chin wags lucky

You’re a gangster for me

You make my jiggly show

glow incandescent

Behind this extra sideburn

a burning pink rose

My tears in your ascot

now salty jewels, you slip away

After we dance, tell me

where you’ll bury your thieving fists

It will be great

Yes, yes life will be great

Someone like you

should come into my life

Before they lock you up

let’s rumble and roll around

Love, jump on my

magnificent haystack

Our Superman hearts

disco-ing out of control

I’ll wiggle my flower

so your eyebrow will rise

You could be smashing

my Mercedes

with your mustache

You could be proposing

to my biceps in a canary

rubber dinghy

It will be great

Yes, yes life will be great

After we dance, caress me

with your nightstick

Flip me, toss me

Smother me with bell-bottoms

I can’t quit the way you

defenestrate my affection

Love, keep direct eye contact

with my smirky turtleneck

I’m not an angel

just a half-smoked cigarette

from Monsters I Have BeenFind more by Kenji C. Liu at the library

Copyright © 2019 Kenji C. Liu
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Kenji C. Liu Poems

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