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There is nothing beautiful here

However I may want it. I can’t

Spin a crystal palace of this thin air,

Weave a darkness plush as molefur with my tongue

However I want. Yet I am not alone

In these alleys of vowels, which comfort me

As the single living nun of a convent

Is comforted by the walls of that catacomb

She walks at night, lit by her own moving candle.

I am not afraid of mirrors or the future

—Or even you, lovers, wandering cow-fat

nd rutting in the gardens of this earthly verge

here I too trod, a sunspot, parasol-shaded,

Kin to the trees, the bees, the color green.

from You Darling Thing Find more by Monica Ferrell at the library

Copyright © 2018 Monica Ferrell
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Four Way Books.

Published in Monica Ferrell Poems

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