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In search of other half of a twin situation,

you will have been born May 30, 1970,

around lunchtime. This will have been in New York.


You will have been reluctant to leave the womb;

yours was an induced labor.

You may be looking for me. I hope you haven’t given up.


I am of a feminine form but my main goal is honesty.

I try to be nice to people and often am because life is hard.

If you are my twin you will know.


Physically, I am an ectomorph. My nose was broken and so hooks.

My last little finger (left) is crooked. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall,

hair sometimes light, sometimes mousy, skin fair.


My eyes are blue but change in salt water,

where they are green.

I love being near the ocean. If you are my twin, you will know.


People call me Ish or Ishmael but that is not what they called me.

I will be an excellent twin.

When we come into contact, I think that your heart


will feel good: safe, strong and steady

instead of running away.

I intend to stay with you if we like each other.


You can easily find me on the world wide web;

a middle earth contraption that scans brains and shares

information, so be careful!


My full name now is Ishmael Klein.

I am a channel

and it’s challenging. Maybe you already know.


I love animals and jokes

if they are surprising. I can be useful.

I have a good imagination. Hope to meet you soon.





from Moving DayFind more by Ish Klein at the library

Copyright © 2011 Ish Klein
Used with the permission of Canarium Books.

Published in Ish Klein Poems

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