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On the First Day of the Last Week of His Life Jesus Overturns the Tables of the Money-Changers

I wrote to a friend yesterday and told him my new poems were

About or I was trying to say

Something about money to God

I think and I don’t understand it why I think it Lord You don’t

Understand money

but of course You do / And maybe even

Lord if You were You You on Earth used money maybe You

Didn’t just overturn the tables of the money-changers

Maybe You sometimes ached to not

Lord have enough for even a few figs / Maybe You hated figs and always had or always the

Conditioned always of a life here

hated figs / And maybe figs were usually

The cheapest food available and still You sometimes didn’t have enough

Maybe You suffered in Your body first the suffering of in Your body Lord

Inhabiting Your poverty

Maybe Your body Lord was shaped by foods You hated

Maybe You sometimes walking to the market / Felt everybody even only

for a moment / Glancing at You

knew Lord You lived on figs

Lord and You hated figs and always had

And on the day You overturned the tables of the money-changers

You also cursed a fig tree never to produce / Fruit again

because You had come to it hungry Lord

and found it barren

from The Animal Too Big To KillFind it in the library

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