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Over the night a bull

Whispers into a coal


:Unmeant in the stall to sit and plate,

But sixth, with all the senses,

To consume—

Incorporate—those signal

Impressions which are (we know) its fate:


In explosions, in hard strides,

His coattails fly; to bits, to friends

Craven and brave.


Sadness undulates at their back.


His lilt’s a cotillion of flies.


But how he charges, he commits!


Each to the next.


It seems unfair, a target lies

Between its shoulder blades.

And another whisps right back:

A drop of blood would pin back his wild hair

Which wanders as it wills

A sunset like acupuncture

from Great Guns Find more by Farnoosh Fathi at the library

Copyright © 2013 Farnoosh Fathi
Used with the permission of Canarium Books.

Published in Farnoosh Fathi Poems

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