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Love Poem

I run with my mouth open. I open my mouth to breathe

into yours. On a whim

the Queen Anne’s lace offers the roadside a galaxy.

I run. You take care of my breath.

You take care of it again.

Is this trust

or a consequence of summer’s washes and concoctions?

Like one admonished for not darkening enough

of my nights, I ask further into the inflorescent

quiet. Once a woods, always a woods.

Sheet of mist on the unmade bed.

The sky begins at my mouth: star, moon, meteoric truck.

I find the wind. You find my west.

The contours of the pasture

repeat the contours of animals who wake

in the promise of grass.

I love exhaustion. I love it again.

from O’NightsFind more by Cecily Parks at the library

Copyright © 2015 Cecily Parks
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Cecily Parks Poems

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