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Invention of the Bride

At dusk words float,

Blue-fingered, without weight

In a world gone fragrant

As a gold egg cradling rose-pink yolk.

Timid at first, stilled like deer at a lake,

Now they gather to me, who pretends sleep,

Covering my face with their hands.

In the memory palace, the dead

Take short breaths.

Shamans breathe a name for who I am.

Shamans litany me into being.

I open my cold eyes, my throat.

I enter the bath, let the waters

Close over me like a gem,

Then reach for my anklet,

My red bolt of silk.

The sun rises.

From the mysterious generosity of a mother,

The sun rises.

—This time I will not be false, this time, I will be

Clear from all falsehood like a snake from its last season’s skin.

from You Darling Thing Find more by Monica Ferrell at the library

Copyright © 2018 Monica Ferrell
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Four Way Books.

Published in Monica Ferrell Poems

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