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How the Jellyfish Prospered

It’s August in New York

& my lover’s alarm

siphons me into the kitchen

as the room fills with clouds.

I don’t mind poetry, not even here,

telling you I forgot the glass bottle in the freezer

of all places, shards I’ll have to pickaxe

with a butter knife.

How did I—when?

There is no question like the body.

I collect its fragments. My little butter knife /

chip / chip / chips. Angel folds her arms

around me while I sift through blue freezer light.

Somewhere far beyond

jellyfish bob on a wave while I gather shrapnel.

My teeth chatter.

Tears polyp at the sudden thought,

Thanks to this double-edged salt,

by the time I’m fifty, will I remember

anything at all?

The butter knife speaks: yield.


Who needs memories when you have

arms around your waist?

I wed each wave

as it hits me.

from Odes to LithiumFind more by Shira Erlichman at the library

Copyright © 2019 Shira Erlichman
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Poems Shira Erlichman

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