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Golden Gate Park

Tonight, walking the AIDS

memorial, I think about

the man who hydrated

his partner by feeding

him ice chips with his

mouth. Someone stumbles

down the path, maybe drunk,

maybe a little

fucked up, & I know not to make

eye contact, not to stop.

But I do stop. This man

wants to fuck

right here & now

on top of the red

earth. Back East where

I grew up, the past persists

sinister as a forest: a man hit

on another man

in a rural bar & thus

was beaten with a cast-iron pan,

laid across the tracks,

& severed by a train.

Here, his lips still sweet

from the clove

he smoked, this stranger

kisses me like those men

of our fathers’ generation

who’d rendezvous in parks

past dark. Never again

will I destroy the earth

by flood, God told Noah

after the sun broke

through, the covenant

signed in rainbow.

Once, I believed in God.

Convinced that the earth

was his own

beating heart,

I talked to him out loud

from Broken SpectreFind more by Jacques J. Rancourt at the library

Copyright © 2021 Jacques J. Rancourt
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Alice James Books.

Published in Jacques J. Rancourt Poems

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