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Bonfire, Jetty


I get on, nothing to contribute,

and stay happy according to the fire,

nothing to contribute, maze

of loose brick—in inclines

degenerate—bound (higher)—

raking the form from those leaves,

unbuttoning the shirt for those leaves . . .

For the wall, the monument,

Bolivar shattered into rags

& sunlight; unity, “it is our

distinct pleasure . . .”

As the hands topple—affection—

I was, I became, I preferred the sweep

of the water to that fall, I preferred

the jets of pale marble—& the women

they’ve said to me, & the men

they’ve said to me, between

the sun’s wavering, the water, they say

and remain faceless and beyond my reach.

from We Are PharaohFind more by Robert Fernandez at the library

Copyright © 2011 Robert Fernandez
Used with the permission of Canarium Books.

Published in Poems Robert Fernandez

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