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Ark 50, Adamspire

that this is paradise,

odd words in legion

beating around the veritable bush

years shape and illuminate:

when the great cats purr

so closely woven,

when sparrows hedge fled field

one sounding cloud,

when down the wild wind ride

Galapagos, archipelago!

eagle dodge eagle

and tigers scatter cage

according to their lights,

burn each thy word

to crowd at last on life in full

—the elder the earth—

Sky Line Blvd.

uphill all the way

never were there such roses

under the banner of summer,

never such

beautiful hullabaloo

hello down well, clap upper cloud

passed muster

to stay the spell,

never this horse of another color

on such goldened a road

find voice,

invent interior face

(I mount to save my very hide)

raised all likeness

kindled, not knuckled under

as one seize it

—howe’er humbly cobbled an order,

a universe sprung free—

probeable as possible

be, but bear

at most the least belief

proud sprout pry ancient any brain

again gain again

intimate unto the inanimate

tossed world

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Copyright © Robert Johnson
Used with the permission of Flood Editions.

Published in Poems Ronald Johnson

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