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These people taught me everything—

the alphabet, how to count, Russian;

how to hold a pencil or plane.

Which leaves one question: why?—no response.

And then there’s no one between us, a void.

When you departed . . . All the sounds of the universe . . .”—

Roasted meat, a picnic in full swing.

I move closer, peer down at the faces.

I ask: “Aren’t we all friends here?!”

They laugh in response.

Jangling guitars and soaring kites.

As the music fades, I

take a step. A breath.

Old snow crunches in the woods, crumbles.

My heart pounds, ready to burst.

And then nothing, quiet.

The forest resembles an unfnished cathedral.

The scent of damp wood chips.


A stream glimmers beyond the columns.

from Letters to YakubFind more by Gleb Shulpyakov at the library

Copyright © 2014 Gleb Shulpyakov
Used with the permission of Canarium Books.

Published in Gleb Shulpyakov Poems

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