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How You Got Here

for Tamir

12 is the cinder: bright-

eyed boy w/pellet gun,

the coffin of plastic things,

(draw & aim

draw & aim).

Face immortalized

in perpetual smile, the soft

space a soccer ball lands. Swear

it was&nbsp an accident,

so boys say, same

ones crying

That’s the same thing you had on yesterday!

What’s wrong?

Ya Momma ain’t got no money?

How low we are,


2 seconds after cruiser

exit. Memory—

your insides escaping

through the hole

of a single slug. Ghost,

missing, black

helium rising,

angel wings fixed

to the back of your hoodie, ascension

on a random

city block.

It is November.

Cleveland is cold

as Cleveland often is.

The story is just that:

12-year-old you

falsely armed, the cops

falsely alarmed.

from dying in the scarecrow’s armsFind it in the library

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Published in Mitchel L.H. Douglas Poems

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