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A stick wrapped with sour sponge

to wet the lips; a grave dug

for the sacrificed heart.

Catheter that won’t insert.

This lit chain of stores where families eat

beside a highway, wet with rain.

The hurt you feel tonight I made.

It makes me small, crouched again

beneath a desk, spindly, wobbled

open maw that held a ruler,

mess of pencils, books in newsprint.

At the stoplight now, weather unspools

windshield lesions. Someone somewhere

tunes a bomb to her body.

In extremis. What a pain

like hers must feel like, bifold life,

this or that, I can’t imagine.

Strapped to mine is yours, I am

extended past our species.

Nuclei in our four hands.

Feet with penitential tongues,

pray here, pray now, always pray for

to be given.

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Copyright © Persea Books 2017
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, Inc.
on behalf of Persea Books.

Published in Lisa Russ Spaar Poems

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