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Karaoke Night at the Sunset Bowl

if you sing

“Sexual Healing”

late at the bowling alley

before they tear it

down for condo,

say the night it comes

down to my crowd

of content providers

and the professional

women’s basketball team

all of us singing past

midnight while the lanes

sweep and are darkened

pledging to each other

not to go breaking hearts

to survive, stay alive

and I in neon shuffleboard

become someone else

then someone else again

without breath

when will we

be blameless again

I sing “Wasted Days

and Wasted Nights,”

I like the torn and

restored soul that groans

I’d sing with you any song

any falling-out-of-speech

young singers are so good

at sorrow you’d think they

knew something about it.

from Poetry Northwest WEBMore by Ed Skoog from the library

Copyright © Ed Skoog
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

Published in Ed Skoog Poems

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