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What My Body Knows

Hear hear what my physical body knows

Is wise

Is wisdom

What garments cover this body

That knows a turn of course like a thought

What voice brings the discontent

Of blood and vein


Yes what blood brings about this question

Is it blood in my brain that makes the knowledge that overtakes me

What unearthly piece hooks into another

Oh I thought I was one thing

I was another

O I thought I was alive

I wasn’t

I thought you heard a living thing

You heard nothing

But your own voice whispering

Into a belly cave

That is no longer here

No it is no longer here or anywhere

from Poetry Northwest 06.1 Spring & Summer 2011More by Dorothea Lasky from the library

Copyright © Dorothea Lasky
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

Published in Dorothea Lasky Poems

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