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A woman in all red walks past me with her two white dogs in red sweaters

I walk past in all blue with a black dog

I cannot get away from the idea that time is not linear

And that emotion makes us reach a moment where it happens all at once

But not a moment

My love says this knowledge of mine is the most basic: a given

Something we are left with

He will never lose anyone the way I have

He will never lose me until I am dead

You and I, my reader, we exist in a timeless way

Always in space and time together

I do not touch you

But I write these words to you

Out of love, or hate, or both

What grand a feeling I feel for you

And yet it is very small

In the utter blackness

Or blankness

Where an all-emotional head

Lifts two eyes with a dark heart

I am not sure if it is this head, or you,

Who speaks to me

I know I am lost forever, floating

Forever fragmented

And that this either brings me comfort or despair, or both

Because I know that you and I will never be together

Such a vast and endless sense of nothingness

For this alone, I speak

from Poetry Northwest 06.1 Spring & Summer 2011More by Dorothea Lasky from the library

Copyright © Dorothea Lasky
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

Published in Dorothea Lasky Poems

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