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The Spellbound Horses

Their coats creekbrightso that

I can nearly seemyself

in the afterstorm ecstasyof the sun

the worldunlockedflung

opendrippingand verdant

They do not blinkor move

their barnscattered in planks

blasted apartabout the ravaged

yardWhat terror

to be sparedor resurrected

For weeks after you emerged

from meyou’d wake from sleep

unhousedthe large indigo

of your eyesstunned

What to saywhen a worldends

HelloI’d tell you

hellogentlynot to startle

everything is stillbroken

you the dreamerI the dream

my facelike one underwater

parceledby lightjust after

the funnel has let goof earth

from Poetry Northwest 12.2 Winter & Spring 2018More by Chelsea Wagenaar from the library

Copyright © Chelsea Wagenaar
Used with the permission of the author
on behalf of Poetry Northwest.

Published in Chelsea Wagenaar Poems

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