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We are back!

Vandal Poem of the Day (VPOD) begins its second year tomorrow! We are really excited to be partnering this year with the nonprofit press BOA Editions LTD.
BOA has provided us with 180 amazing poems written by 55 different poets from books they’ve recently published. We will be publishing one poem each weekday that the University is in session.
We’ve also recently purchased over 50 BOA books for the library with help from the Idaho Humanities Council. The books are available for checkout and you can find them on a special shelf in the middle of our recently remodeled first floor. Alongside these, you can also find all the Copper Canyon books from which we drew our poems last year
Please feel free to share the poems and the site. And if you’re in Moscow, do come in and print a poem out on one of our poemBot Printers!

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