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Vandals, Horses

The vandals are dreaming, wolves are dreaming,

The horses are staked to their deaths.

In the poem of the vandals dreaming

A word bites through a lip,

Drawing blood. (The poem is in ruins.)

The vandals dream their arms unseen,

Dream themselves buried in the belly

Of the birthing mare, as a foal is

Torn to life. (The poem is banal

As the barn is bloody.)

And you and I, and you and I, we steal

Each other’s blankets, wrap ourselves

In darkness, wind, in anything

The night will let us, to feel safe.

Do you feel safe? (Soft,

The vandals sleep.) Because a word

Is a dream of its meaning, you and I

Must dream the vandals dreaming:

Soft, the horses nicker in the barn.

(Soft, our poem begins as vandals dream.)

from The VandalsFind it in the library

Copyright © BOA Editions, Ltd 1999
Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, Inc.
on behalf of BOA Editions LTD.

Published in Alan Michael Parker Poems

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