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Four does and a buck haunt the neighborhood

At night this winter, scavenging pears

And apples, rooting compost bins, a clear

Sign of suburban sprawl my Green Friend said

At a benefit dinner for Watershed

Restoration. She’s probably right. She cares

Deeply about these things, Warming, and Fair

Trade, local/global stuff. She gave me head,

Later, in her Prius, and when they came,

My moans were muffled. Wiping up, she seemed

Perturbed and started the car. “What’s wrong?”

I regretted the question. She must have blamed

Me for something. “You. You’re so fucking tame.

You can’t even let loose while getting blown.”

from BugleFind more by Tod Marshall at the library

Copyright © 2014 Tod Marshall
Used with the permission of Canarium Books.

Published in Poems Tod Marshall

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